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He will be responsible for the academic care of students, and will assist the Principal with leadership and management of all aspects of learning and teaching in the School, particularly those identified in the School’s Strategic Plan. All academic and teaching programs are monitored. He is the member of the whole School Executive and contributes positively to educational discussions and decision-making. Assist the Principal to organise staff meetings and professional learning opportunities for staff. Keep up-to-date with educational research and best practice.


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About School

NCS is committed in providing co-educational excellence in a Pre-school to High School. We value the individuality of all students and encourage the development of their special interests and talents. Our objective is to extend our students to the best of their ability, and to foster a love of learning, a strong sense of community and a pride in their NCS heritage. We strive to create an environment in which genuine acceptance and understanding can develop. These concepts are reflected in the School motto “Mind, Spirit, Being”. Our curriculum and academic sessions plays a key role in the success of NCS School. Our academic staff are dedicated to teacher development and safeguarding our academic integrity.

School Management

NCS Management exhibits it’s commitment in ethical living, Excellence, Perseverance, Lifelong love of learning, Respect Integrity, Responsibility Compassion, Generosity Justice. Demonstrate strong interpersonal and communication skills and the capacity to develop and sustain productive relationships within and beyond the school community. Demonstrate the capacity to provide leadership in learning for the achievement of quality learning outcomes for all students. Capacity to use strategic thinking and analytical skills to contribute to educational outcomes of school students.





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Testimonials and Awards

  • NCS is a school where the teachers really care about their students. The teachers really know each student and what they need scholastically. It's a school where kids come and feel loved and safe.

  • NCS is a great campus because it respects all children and provides a supportive and positive environment for learning and development.